The Perfect Blend of A Country Style Community.

Mount Sterling Farms has Exclusive Home Designs, integrated around beautiful Trail Systems and lighted paths, Gardens/Pocket Park, Amphitheater, Large Park, Splash Pad, Pavilion and BBQ and Sports Courts. Its country charm is nestled in a unique blend of amenities and outdoor recreational areas… a breathtaking backdrop for family free-style living. Residents will have access to leisure play in the open park. Leave the chores behind and enjoy this place of beauty a perfect place to live.

Designed From The

Inside Out

Well-designed interiors start with a focal point and extend out to the rest of the room and the rest of the house. This will set the tone and mood for a home. By combining the right architectural features with textures, color and lighting, Lifestyle Holmes creates visually stunning interiors that are both functional and pleasing.

“Getting the right elements and size of the architectural elements is vital” says Dustin Poulsen, new home consultant, Lifestyle Homes, “if it’s too small, furniture becomes a distracting focus, taking away from the main point of interest.”

Scale and proportion are central elements in the Mount Sterling Farms home designs. The award-winning designer of these models has created the perfect blend of elements to achieve this goal.

Building the Perfect Community

The success of other master planned communities in Utah such as Daybreak in Salt Lake and Hill Farms in Kaysville, are a clear indication of a new trend, says Trent Cragun, President of Lifestyle homes and Mount Sterling Farms developer,  “It’s a throwback to the traditional more sociable neighborhood. Homes are closer together, closer to walkway yet surrounded with magnificent shared spaces.  Mount Sterling Farms hopes to capture the same flavor of this new trend by designing it from the ground up. That includes all designs, yards and common spaces. This kind of community always increases in value as families yearn to feel a sense of community––becoming part of something bigger than a house and lot.”

A Family Gardening Affair

Who would not want fresh greens and garden vegetables. Imagine the delight as the kids see the bright orange carrots being pulled out of the ground. Mount Sterling Farms is planning just such an event. Community gardens will be just that with a little help from a professional gardener. Besides the box gardens, orchards will be planted in a variety of fruit trees. Maybe you are not ready to take on a garden by yourself, but with the whole community invited to share, fresh vegetables and fruits are just around the corner.

Remembering Grandma’s

Front Porch

Some of us can still remember Grandma sitting on the front porch shelling peas. Neighbors would stop by on their evening walk around the neighborhood. It was a less hurried time, where children grew up with family values and community roots. Maybe it begins with the sociability of front porch conversations; according to Trent Cragun,  “You might say Mount Sterling is a front porch community with homes purposely closer to the walkway. A tradition that may have been lost is now being recaptured in this new Master Planned Community. This is a place where homes extend out into the community, and it starts with a front porch visit.”

Box Gardens become a community project at Mount Sterling Farms. Getting the whole family involved is part of the plan with shared work and shared results

Interior photo from new residents at Mount Sterling Farms. Note how the coffered ceiling design and lighting combine to create this stunning open-concept room.